Academic calendar

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Mié , 25/10/2017 - 08:46

Here you have the general academic calendar for the University of Zaragoza with holiday breaks and bank holidays, we recommend you to check it out.

Here you can find information about the dates when the lectures and exams for each academic term start and finish at the Faculty of Work and Social Sciences.

Degree of Social Work

Lectures: /trabajo-social/ts-horario-de-clases

Exams: /trabajo-social/fechas-de-examenes

Degree of Labor Relations and Human Resources

Lectures: /rlrh/horarios-de-clases-gr-rlrh

Exams: /rlrh/fechas-de-examenes

Master's Degree in  Gender Relations

/genero/presentacion  (click on the tabs on the right for more info)

PhD in Gender Relations and Feminist Studies